About the Center

The SCEHSC provides its investigators with an integrated infrastructure for the resources required to develop, refine and support innovative environmental health sciences research.
The mission of the Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center (SCEHSC) is to develop the scientific knowledge base, investigator teams, and community engagement needed to reduce the burden of diseases and disability from environmental impacts.
Our integrating theme is Environmental Exposures, Host Factors and Human Disease across the Lifecourse. This approach guides our exploration of effects of environmental exposures on vulnerable populations, critical developmental periods, and major diseases mediated through shared molecular and biological pathways. 
The SCEHSC aims to accomplish its mission & theme through the following goals:
Catalyze and leverage resources in support of multidisciplinary research partnerships to address environmental health research questions
Facilitate innovative population, clinical and mechanistic research through Center enrichment activities, pilot funding and development of new methods and core resources
Develop the next generation of environmental health science leaders by supporting academic and career development activities of SCEHSC investigators
Actively engage with communities and respond to their concerns regarding environmental health issues
Innovatively translate and disseminate environmental health sciences research to policymakers, community groups and the public
The SCEHSC is based at the Division of Environmental Health at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and is an Environmental Health Sciences Core Center supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (grant #P30ES007048).
Center Structure
Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
2001 North Soto Street, MC 9237
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9013
Supported by NIEHS grant P30ES007048
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