Biostatistics Facility Core

In this big data world, the Biostatistics Facility Core (BFC) provides Center investigators with critical access to appropriate hardware, computational, and statistical resources. The BFC supports Center investigators’ research through consultation about study design for human subjects and experimental research, statistical methodology advice, and assistance with various statistical applications.


James Gauderman, Ph.D.
Core Director
David Conti, Ph.D.
Unit Leader
Meredith Franklin, Ph.D.
Unit Leader


Statistical support
Bioinformatics support
Other services
• Advice on the development of appropriate study designs, sample size (power) calculations, statistical methods
•  Implementation of appropriate statistical methods and software, proper interpretation of results of statistical analyses
• Selected areas of statistical support:
> Multilevel models
> High-dimensional feature selection
> Integrative omics analyses
> Interaction and mediation analyses
With the Exposure Factors Facility Core — study design and training in:
> Spatial statistical analysis of data derived from the use of geographic information system (GIS) and personal monitoring technologies
> Exposure mixtures analyses
• Consultation on and access to bioinformatics systems and data resources (e.g. Gene Ontology, The Cancer Genome Atlas)
With the Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core — design and analysis of studies utilizing high-volume omics technologies
• Development and maintenance of software programs to facilitate research activities 
Computer hardware support to facilitate data storage, sharing, and analysis
• Support for educational activities in the form of:
> Seminars and workshops on the application of statistics and computational methods to environmental health research questions
> Biostatistical, genomic, and exposure assessment training modules and datasets for graduate courses and extramural educational programs  led by Center investigators

Accessing the Biostatistics Facility Core

Investigators are able to receive consultations and utilize SCEHSC services based on the following prioritization: 
1. SCEHSC Pilot Project award recipients
2. SCEHSC members
3. SCEHSC affiliate members
4. Investigators outside of the SCEHSC
Initial consultations and staff time are provided on a no-cost basis to Center investigators. Further consultation and services are charged at rates varying by Facility Core. SCEHSC members and pilot awardees receive discounted rates and no charges are provided to community partners.
Investigators seeking to access Core services should directly contact the respective Core Directors with their anticipated project needs. 
Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
2001 North Soto Street, MC 9237
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9013
Supported by NIEHS grant P30ES007048
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