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Frequently Asked Questions

“Should I submit my full application now?
Do NOT submit your full application first. There is a 2-stage application process. First, submit a one-page letter of intent (LOI) and a one-page summary of Specific Aims (SA). Successful LOI applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Please see the 2018 Application Instructions for the application process timeline.
Should I include bio sketches for collaborators?
NIH-format biosketches are required for the PI and co-investigators. If you wish, you may include biosketches for any collaborators to demonstrate that investigators have the needed expertise for the project. All biosketches have a 5 page limit.
Can PhD candidates or postdoctoral research associates be listed as co-investigators?
Yes, doctoral students and postdocs may work on the pilot project as research contributors or co-investigators, but cannot be listed as Principal Investigator (PI) or Co- Principal Investigator (Co-PI).
Should I include F&As/indirect costs in the budget or submit my project to the Department of Contracts and Grants?

USC investigators do not need to include indirect costs or submit their proposals through the USC Department of Contracts and Grants since the pilot program is an internal process. Successful applicants will receive a USC satellite account

Investigators at UCLA, CHLA or Caltech will need to include indirect costs and work through their respective Contracts and Grants/Sponsored Programs offices.

Can the budget include tuition for a graduate student who will work on the project?
No, tuition cannot be included in the budget, per NIEHS guidelines.
Can I list salary support for investigators on the project?
Salary and fringe benefits may be budgeted for Assistant Professor-level faculty and staff, students, postdoctoral research associates commensurate with their time contributed to the project. No salary support may be budgeted for Associate or Full Professor-level faculty.
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